A letter from our VP of Membership

Hi Ladies!

My name is Claira Tracy and I have the privilege of serving as Delta Zeta’s Vice President of Membership. On behalf of all of Pi Lambda, we can not wait to meet the women we will welcome into UTC’s Greek community and our sisterhood this fall! Recruitment is a special time for every chapter because it gives us the opportunity to show you exactly why our organization means so much to us. We truly love sharing our chapter’s values and our purpose with you all during recruitment. As Delta Zetas, our sisterhood, leadership on campus and in the community, commitment to scholarship, and dedication to giving graciously unite and empower us as collegiate women. 

Each sister brings something unique to the table, and together we are bonded by Delta Zeta’s values. Being a member of this sorority has instilled the importance of being more than I was the day before, and has given me countless opportunities to make this possible. When I came to Chattanooga, I knew I needed a group of women to call my friends, mentors, and role models more than anything. In Delta Zeta, I was lucky to find the women that inspire me every day with their drive, kindness, and genuine love for each other. Whether it is studying on campus together, laughing at a sisterhood event, or raising money for our 4 philanthropies, all the time our chapter spends together deepens the value of our sisterhood. I feel so lucky to be able to say, “I am a Delta Zeta” and to share my college experience with over 100 women who are leaders, scholars, philanthropists, and sisters. 

A sorority is here to help you navigate through this new chapter and help you find women who lift you up through the next four years and into the rest of your life. Where ever you may go, I hope you find a place that will help you reach your fullest potential, just like Delta Zeta has for me and all my sisters.
We all can’t wait to see you in August and see where Greek Life takes you! 

Claira Tracy