A letter from our VP of Membership

Hi ladies!


My name is Emma Warmus and I am the current Vice President of Membership for the Delta Zeta sorority! This sisterhood holds such a special place in my heart and I can’t wait to share it with you in the fall. Recruitment gives each sorority the opportunity to show you why we love our organizations so much. We are beyond excited to share our values and sisterhood with you and welcome a new pledge class of sisters this upcoming fall!


Each year I feel even more lucky to call myself a Delta Zeta woman. I am constantly surrounded by women who support me and share the same values. Since joining I have become a scholar, a philanthropist, a leader, but most importantly I became a sister to over 100 of the brightest women imaginable. I have gotten to raise money for important causes, lead and serve, help my Chattanooga community and have the sweetest friendships throughout everything. As a first generation college student I was terrified to move away from home, but when I look back I am so thankful I did because if I didn't I wouldn't have found my home away from home!


Before coming to Chattanooga I never spoke up for myself. I always thought someone would have a better answer and what I thought didn't matter. Delta Zeta helped me find my voice, my future, and broke me out of the shell I had trapped myself in for so long. I will forever be indebted to this sisterhood for pushing me to grow into who I am supposed to be! Now, my voice is heard and I know that I matter. A sorority is a group of women that will be there for you, hold you accountable, lift you up, and be an endless river of support. These qualities are deeply rooted within my Delta Zeta sisters and I am in awe of every single one of them. My place will always be where the Delta Zeta’s are, here at UTC and beyond!


If I am paying for my friends, boy did I get a bargain! If you aren’t sure if Greek life is for you, think of your sweetest friendship, your greatest opportunity, and a life with your cup completely overflowing. Multiply this by ten and you have our Greek life community. 


UTC’s Greek life is immaculate, filled with some of the smartest and most amazing women that I have had the privilege of knowing. My sincerest hope for you is that regardless of where, you will find your home within our Greek life community just like I did!


Truly yours,

Emma Warmus